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Buyer Rep

Bridgewater Commercial has specialists for Office, Retail, Industrial, Multifamily, and Development Land sales. Our agents will take the time to discuss the property you're interested in searching for, as well as the overall market conditions surrounding that specific product type. Using our network of professionals and contractors, we will be able to introduce you to lenders, insurance brokers, and any other party that will be helpful to you closing on your property.


The Search

With an extensive network of principals and cooperating brokers, we will look in every corner of your desired market to find you the best fit possible. We will not only show you what's on the market, but also search within our database to see if any of our other clients may have the right property for you.


Once we have the right offer for you, we will provide all necessary data and market knowledge available to ensure that you feel confident in your offering rice. In addition to discussing your goals and strategies with you, we'll bring years of industry experience to the table to offer advice on how to make sure your offer is accepted at a price that you are happy with.


Due Diligence 

The real work starts once you have your property under contract. During this time, we will walk you through each step of the Due Diligence process, offering our wide network of contractors and professionals that will allow you to grasp the full picture of your investment.



The deal is never done until the closing docs are signed and the funds have been transferred. We stay in constant communication with our clients the entire way throughout the deal. We do not have transaction coordinators, we do our best to prevent problems from even occurring, and we always answer the phone!

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